Flood Plan


The Alconbury Brook, which runs through the village, is liable to infrequent flooding; Hamerton Road, High Street and part of North Road are most at risk.

An Emergency Flood Plan has been developed with the aim of co-ordinating activities between residents during flooding and can be accessed via the following link. AW Flood Plan (V1.6). It is recommended that villagers acquaint themselves with the contents of the plan.

The Environment Agency have depth gauges located at Hamerton and Alconbury Weston, and data from these can be accessed via the following links respectively:

Flood warning information service   (for Hamerton)

Flood warning information service (for Alconbury Weston)

During and immediately after periods of extended heavy rain, these gauges can give an indication of the risk of flooding.  As a rough guide, when levels at Alconbury Weston reach 2.2m, roads begin to flood.  Some properties are at risk when levels reach about 3.4m on the gauge.  Levels at Alconbury Weston often follow the pattern of the upstream (Hamerton) levels by an hour or two.

There is a camera overlooking the main ford in Alconbury Weston. It takes hourly shots of the ford which can be viewed online via a web site.   This enables people to view river levels from outside the village, so enabling them to assess the implications for individual properties during periods of inclement weather.   As the site licence allows only 10 users to view it at a time, and log in times are restricted to 5 minutes on each occasion, details of this site are distributed only to those residing in properties at most risk of flooding.

Most properties at risk were fitted with flood protection equipment a few years ago and individual owners are responsible for its upkeep.  The following documents may act as a useful reference in that regard:

    1. Non Return Valves
    2. Air Bricks
    3. Pan Seals
    4. Flood Gates
    5. Flood Arc Equipment (Summary)

Details of Flood Coordinators and Wardens can be found on the first page of the plan; any questions on it should be addressed to one of them.

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